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Plum Slices

Plum Slices

Dehydrated plumbs are really good. Unlike the prunes you get at the store, the plumbs you dehydrate yourself are chewy with an intense flavor all their own.



  • Wash plums
  • Slice plums and remove pit
  • Place plumbs on dehydrator trays
  • To prevent sticking, you may want to use mesh screens

Dehydrate at 135° for 4-8 hours until dry.

Step 1 - Wash plums
Step 2 - Slice plums and remove pit
Step 3 - Place plum slices on dehydrator trays
Step 4 - Remove from dehydrator trays


Submitted by Nahid (not verified) on
Thanks for your interesting recipes. I have a question. How thick the slices should be? I appreciate your response.

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