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Kiwi Chips

Dehydrated Kiwi Chips

Kiwi chips are a chewy, tangy treat with a taste all their own. If you like things tart, coat the kiwi with a little lemon juice, it'll knock your socks off.


Kiwi fruit

Lemon juice (optional)

  • Remove hair from skin with scrub brush, or peel skin with potato peeler
  • Cut kiwi into slices 1/4 to 1/2 inch think
  • Arrange kiwi on Dehydrator trays

Dehydrate at 130° for 4-6 hours
Option - For the ultimate in tang, toss kiwi in fresh squeezed lemon Juice

Step 1 - Remove hair from skin
Step 2 - Cut kiwi into slices
Step 3 - Place kiwi with skin on dehydrator trays
Step 1 - Peel skin
Step 2 - Cut kiwi into slices
Option - Toss kiwi in lemon Juice
Step 3 - arrange kiwi on dehydrator trays
Step 4 - Remove kiwi from dehydrator trays
Finshed dehydrated kiwi chips


Submitted by ed (not verified) on
Have dehydrated several fruits and have wondered 're kiwi. I think that x would j it st be grand. Look forward to be next special on fruit!!!! Have to try that

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