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Kale Chips with sea salt & smoked paprika

Kale chips with sea salt and smoked paprika

A quick kale chips recipe that will satisfy your craving for a salty, healthy snack.

  • 1 bunch kale
  • 2 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 tsp. smoked paprika
  • 1/2 tsp. sea salt

Wash and spin dry kale. Cut or tear leaves into pieces – removing stem in the process. Mix olive oil, paprika, and sea salt in a large bowl. Add kale and mix to coat with a spoon or rubber spatula. Arrange kale on dehydrating trays. Dehydrate at 115° for 2-4 hours.

Step 1 - Wash and spin dry
Step 2 - Mix oil, salt, & paprika together
Step 3 - Add kale and mix to coat
Step 3 - Place on Dehydrating Trays
Step 4 - Remove from Dehydrating Trays
Finished - enjoy!


Submitted by catsmeowatml (not verified) on
Can you provide an approximate measurement for "a bunch" of kale?

Submitted by Loren (not verified) on
When you buy Kale it is sold in bunches. That is what is meant by " a bunch of Kale".

Submitted by dadmin on
A bunch is just a head of kale. Sorry, that word is not so clear :) Kale bunches/heads vary quite a lot in size. We try to find the biggest head we can that looks good at the store. The way to think about this is like you would salad dressing - some people like a lot, some people like a little. For dehydrated kale chips, it's the same thing. If you use more kale in a recipe, you'll just get a lighter taste. If you use less kale, you'll get a stronger taste. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Submitted by Highames (not verified) on
How can one store dehydrated kale chips to keep fresh and crisp?

Submitted by dadmin on
Actually, we live in Utah, so this isn't a problem for us at the moment. Often, dried foods get drier since the humidity here is so low :) You might try keeping Kale chips in the refrigerator, where humidity is lower. Anyone else have any good ideas for how to keep Kale chips crispy?

Submitted by AJ_Texan (not verified) on
We keep them in a screw-top ziplock plastic storage container. They only last about a week in our house so that works to keep them crisp that long.

Submitted by dzicchi (not verified) on
To store my dehydrated foods I purchased a vacuum sealer with an attachment for sealing mason jars, as well as bags. It keeps most things fresh upwards of a year.

Submitted by Chrissie (not verified) on
Another tip to try to keep dehydrated goods crisp: put a bit of rice in a muslin sack in the container you're storing the goods in. The rice will absorb the moisture, keeping your chips nice and crisp.

Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on
Just made these. First time kale chip maker and first time dehydrator user. My husband and I absolutely love them. I think I over salted them a touch but still... This worked so well. Definitely making these again.

Submitted by Sue Jenkins (not verified) on
When I have had kale chips gone soft all I've done is pop them back into my dehydrator for an hour or two, works wonders!

Submitted by Joe Bechtol (not verified) on
a kale plant grows like a tree, keep harvesting the lower branches/leaves it will provide all you can eat all summer I grew 5 plants and either gave it away or blanched and froze for winter soups etc. a bunch is approximately 5 or 6 branches as purchased in supermarket/

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