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Bananas strips

Bananas strips

Making banana strips is easy and fast, and they make a great snack to carry around with you anywhere. By putting the rounded edge on the tray, you'll make it a lot easier to remove the bananas after drying.



  1. Peel bananas cut in half, then into quarters
  2. Place rounded edge on dehydrating trays - this makes it easier to remove after drying!
  3. Dehydrate at 135 degrees for 6-10 hours, until the strips are dry.
  4. If you're on a raw foods diet Dehydrate at 135 degrees for 1-2 hours, then lower temp to 115 10-12 hours, until the strips are dry.
Step 1 - Cut bananas in half than in quarters
Step 2 -  Place rounded edge on dehydrating trays
Step 4 - Remove from dehydrating trays
Bananas strips
Bananas strips


Submitted by Carol (not verified) on
I dip the bananas in diluted lemon juice. More attractive to look at particularly for children.

Submitted by amber (not verified) on
i don't like the sourness of lemon and lime juices for dehydration. I started to use white grape or apple juice!

Submitted by Miss Gigi (not verified) on
What a great idea to use grape or Apple juice to dip the fruit into. I made some banana chips for a grandauter, but they weren't so sweet. I tried orange juice, but alas it did nothing. ( wasted all those yummy bananas ) I'm going to get the grape juice as soon as we go to town. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Gigi

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